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Licensing issue on image server


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I'm new to Watchout and I'm struggling with the image server (to display a SWF file). I've got a separated display server, and the same server for production and image server. I've got 2 USB keys plugged into this server, but everytime I'm starting the image server first, I then have a licensing issue when starting the production tool, and the opposite. Meaning that whatever the first application I start, the other one will always display a licensing issue. I'm using 5.1


Does anyone had the same problem before? I might very well have missed something (maybe even on the configuration of the dynamic image itself: I'm using as the server IP for the SWF)... but that's hard to say as the only errors I've got are about the licensing...

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You have to check in the CodeMeter software for the key, that it sees two (2) separate license keys. It seems like it does not do that.


Thanks for your reply. You're right, that's exactly what's happening here. On my 2 keys, CodeMeter only finds one, whatever the USB plug I'm using... Is there any way to fix that? It seems that windows don't get the key properly neither so it's probably an hardware issue...

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