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Help display with loss


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Help display with loss


I have WatchOut  a server with v.5

x79 mother board - deluxe

memory - 32GB

plate capture - Datapath + DeckLink

VIDEO BOARD - AMD RADEON HD 7970 (not firepro)


using the six exits, eventually it loses one of the display.

I'm not using a firepro board.

I wonder if there is any solution to this problem using this hardware above.

thank you.

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I would suggest that you use EDID-managers on your outputs.It's always is/has been recommended for multi-output.

This has less to do with your hardware or WATCHOUT, than with your connection to the display/s in question.

With EDID-managers on all outputs, you'll know for sure that the graphics card sees a signal, on all outputs.



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Without knowing your specific challenges, I'm guessing your video card is attempting to reconfigure as if it's losing displays? I'd think this points to an EDID problem, which is solved with one of the handy features you get with the firepro line.


Do you have access to anything in your signal path that emulates EDIDs? Most Scalers do - they also make boxes that do only that:



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