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Duplicate Media


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Hi Guys,


I am building my first Watchout presentation...  I have a series of speaker names I would like to show on the screen in a lower third pattern.


I made some text media... is there a way of duplicating it and editing it so I don't have to re-setup the text media every time I make a new name title?


Seems a simple thing but I can't find anything on it in the manual...





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Hi Mike,


I'm afraid that for this, you're better of using Photoshop. You can't copy text media. It does remember the width setting and you can save a style, but still, photoshop enables more options for style and retain alignment.

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I ran in to a similar situation just recently.  The best I could figure out was to copy and paste the text from one text media to the next, but I would still have to reapply some formatting.  It would be great to be able to copy and paste the actual media. 

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