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Timeline stops playing...

Thomas Leong

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...when the Stage Window is re-sized!


I do not do operations often but while checking out my EVGA MST hub today, I noticed that the Main Timeline, in play mode stops playing whenever the Stage Window is resized. Thereafter, it can only continue playing with two taps on the space bar. Nothing happens with only one tap. Occurs in both versions 5.5.2 & 6.0. With Aux Timelines, it pauses, and auto restarts when the Stage Window resize is completed (left-mouse click released). Nothing like this occurs with any other Window in Watchout, only the Stage Window.


Q: Is this by design, or a bug?


Thomas Leong

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On some computers, depending on their graphics subsystem, resizing the Stage window is an "expensive" operation. The same may apply to the preview tabs in the display dialogs in WATCHOUT 6. My advise is to not resize these windows while running time critical functions.



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