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Watchnet Update show


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Hi folks, i have a simple question regarding watchnet.


is there a way to update the show with small changes, like looping a video whitout the cluster re-caching all the video files??


Currently my workflow is: consolidating a show in production, creating a zip file, and uploading it to watchnet server. when i load the new show the cluster takes a long time re loading all the files.


any advice would be helpful, thank you

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Thanks Mike, then maybe i was uploading the .wob file with a different file name? And by the way, when i upload the new version to watchnet, is necessary to re-consolidate the project or can i just replace the watchout file in the .wob package?


Its my first time using watchnet, and is working really good so far, the show has been running for two days now. Is there any improvement in stability compared to the classic Production/Displays scheme?


thanks again! greetings from Argentina

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