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I stopped using Shuttles when one of my earlier 4 units broke down. There is just no way to replace the motherboard with 3rd party boards that would fit. Even the power supply is difficult to replace with anything other than from Shuttle.


In any case, what you suggest there should work, except that because the H97 chipset does not support over-clocking, do not waste one $ on the 4790K. Just the plain locked down 4790 will do.


The other aspect to check is whether the W7100's length will fit into that chassis bearing in mind that the PCie power plug is from the rear rather than the top of the W7100. The other aspect is that because the W7100 is a single slot card with heat venting from the top of the card, it tends to run hot, so one needs to ensure the chassis expulsion fans can take this heat out of the chassis efficiently, and perhaps one or two intake fans to ensure cool air goes in.


my two cents,

Thomas Leong

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I have both the HAF XB and the Corsair Air 240. Both are nice for easy access to the motherboard, cooling system, etc...but I would not recommend either for air-travel. Won't fit in the overhead compartment. What would fit is the Aerocool Dead Silence CUBE mATX case. So would that Shuttle you first mentioned.


However, the Aerocool limits you to mini-iTX or mATX motherboards. Mini-iTX boards have no slots for capture card or anything else except the graphics card. Not a problem if you do not intend to use capture cards, etc. In this respect (with mini-iTX boards and systems), you have many choice of cases - from Thermaltake, Silverstone, etc - and motherboard manufacturers with X99, Z97 and Z170 systems.



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"What would fit is the Aerocool Dead Silence CUBE mATX case."


My error. Just had another look at the Aerocool DS Cube and it is likely too large for the overhead compartment of an aircraft. I like the Lian Li TU100 and/or TU200 for travelling but both at for mini-ITX boards so no slot for a capture card. The TU300 is for full ATX. Not sure if Lian Li intends a mATX for this series in the near future. Best to stick to the Shuttle you first intended.



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My "travel" display pc is a Cooltek C1 aluminum case to contain weight(2kg), x99 gygabyte mATX board, 16gb DDR4, 2 ssd 2.5" for watchout and a m.2 one for os, intel 5820k and a gtx970 with 4gb memory, an internal declink duo pro sdi/hdmi and a magewell usb3 acquisition card.


It fits perfectly in a 6 units Proel lightweigth trolley flying case wich carries also a 'lil 5 channells audio mixer, network switch, external usb soundcard, keyboard, mouse, cables and adapters.


All for less than 20kg so you can travel with it as a simple baggage on pretty much all the flights.

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Years ago I used shutlles, pretty small and powerfull.

But after some failures with powersupply and Mb while being on a roadshow and now chance to get replacement parts within a few hours I decided to change.

In addition graphics need 2 slots, so you can´t use an internal capture card.


My alternative: 



mATX-MB, Standard ATX-power supply, enough space for long graphics, fans for hdd/sdd and graphics, native carrier for SSD, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, sound and firewire at frontpanel, 

Hight is less than 5 19" units, depth only 40 cm (15") and the weight of a complete system is less than 8 kg.

I use Scythe-CPU-fans: http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/shuriken-rev-b.html or http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/big-shuriken-2-rev-b.html

No problems with overheating.



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