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How to configure MIDI Controller


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I don't have a APC20 but I understand that when plugged into a Production PC, no device installation is necessary. Windows will recognize it as a MIDI device.


Refer to Page 197 onwards in the Watchout 5 manual. Should be the same for Watchout 6 when the manual is released.


In Watchout > Window > Input > + sign in the top right corner > MIDI Controller.

Thereafter the popup Window is per the manual page 198-199. Should be obvious from here on.


In a Task Window, specify the MIDI Controller you have defined as a Trigger to trigger/start an Aux Timeline.

Or in a Tween 'f' function for Opacity, Position, Scale or Volume, the std formula is TweenValue * [MIDI Controller you defined] (eg. ModWheel1 or Fade1). Thereafter pushing a defined fader up/down on the APC20 will control the TweenValue of that media item.


Hope that gets you started!

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Alex has shown you the way very clearly!


However, to have ONE key for play/pause, it would not be possible with MIDI as the PLAY and PAUSE commands are different in Watchout. What may be possible is not to use MIDI for this, and use a macro keypad instead, assigning the 'spacebar' to a macro key. Have not tried it myself, but X-Keys may serve well here - http://piengineering.com/xkeys/xk4.php

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On second thoughts, it is possible to use only one key in MIDI Buttons (as in Alex's example) if you set the property to 'Toggle Action' for the Button's Properties. In this case, Press sends one MIDI Note (to Play the Timeline), and Release sends another MIDI Note (to Pause the Timeline). Each Note would have to be defined in Watchout's MIDI Input Window. Best seen if 'Press' is assigned one color, and 'Release' is assigned a different color in the Button's Properties.


If the Akai APC20 has such a feature for a Button's Properties, then it would be possible to use one button for Play/Pause of a Timeline.

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