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Chipset and CPU question


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I was wondering if people tried the (not so) new i7 2600 with a 6 output display computer.


I read how the infocomm computer was running on X58 and i7 but it is getting harder to get a decent X58 board and the reviews for the P67 and i7 2600 are really good. However I only care about Watchout performances and was wondering if you guys tried the i7 2600 and if there was any issues or what was the impact on performance compared to X58 and i7.



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i7 2600K or 2700K is a very good choice, together with a P67 or Z68 motherboard as a base for a 6-output build.

But it's only one part of the equation, discs is another critical factor.

Preferably use SSD:s, 1 for OS and 1 or more (RAID 0) for Media/WATCHOUT.

You will certainly need the read speed for a 6-output Display PC.

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Thanks, as for the SSDs it was already configured as such. So just so I am really secure in my choice, no negative difference (performance or stability) in using Z68(or P67)/i7 over X58/i7?


example: does intel transcoder intercepts H.264 streams leading to possible stability issues with Watchout, does the integrated graphic leads to issues with ATI eyefinity when using a 6 output display computer (using P67 over Z68 is a good choice in this case for example), will the reduced amount of PCI-express lane lead to bandwith issues when using an input card for HD-SDI or a frame grabber AND a 6 output card? These sort of things


Thanks again!


EDIT: chipset id was wrong and specification about paranoïa :D

order has been placed, will keep the forum updated if I encounter issues

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Some thoughts:

- X58 is no more "professional" than Sandy Bridge, P67/Z68, in my view.

We used X58/990X on the Infocomm PC:s to get more possible cores and headroom.

This show actually plays even better on a Z68/2600K system with 3 SSD:s

1 for OS and 2 (RAID 0) for Media/WATCHOUT. It was Corsair Force Series GT:



- There are motherboards without Integrated graphics, for both P67/Z68, ASUS for example:




- one thing you will not get with a Sandy Bridge, P67/Z68, setup compared to X58,

is the possibility of using a 6-core i7 processor.

- but then you can opt for the new Sandy Bridge-E based X79 motherboards with

3960X or 3930K processors instead...


Re: Bandwidth issues, this will depend on so many factors, content and it's bit-rate, output resolution,

number of input cards and their resolution, disk speed etc, that it will be very hard to say, when you will

bring a Display PC to it's knee's. What you can say, is that it will be much easier to do on a 6 output machine

than on a 2- or 4 output machine, of course. This has to be tested, and your mileage may vary here.

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