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seema rawat

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Depends what you mean by the word 'properly'.


If you want to maintain the proportion of the 1920x1080, then there will be 3474 pixels of black (5394-1920).

If you stretch/scale the X dimension, you will have a 'long hot dog'  :D 

One alternative is to repeat the 1920 and have, say, a logo of 1554 pixels in between, or scale the 1920x1080 slightly (a'la a picture-in-picture look) and have two instances of it on screen and a motion background to fill the empty spaces.

Or re-create the video to fit the full 5394x1080.


best of luck!

Thomas Leong

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It will definitely display correctly if the codecs are fine and if you keep the ratio and the film is placed somewhere on the screen. If you try to display it on the whole screen (which is almost 3 times larger on horizontal than the video you have) - then it will display stretched

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