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Looping H.264 files slip after an hour


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Just set up a new show for an 8 screen museum display.  Part of it is a 20 second video for each of the monitors.  Each video is on free run and loop.  I'm testing it on our show displays, which are i7 quad core boxes and AMD Firepro 7000/7900. The museum is outfitted with 4 Watchpax units and a rack mount production pc from Showsage. Have not tested it there yet.

The loop seems to play perfectly for well over an hour, maybe two hours.  then it starts to slip - the video is not going from the last frame of the video to the first frame of the video - all the displays exhibit this.  In addition, the videos get out of sync with each other, even on the same display computer. if I start the timeline over, when it gets to the loop, again, plays fine for an hour or so, then starts to get out of sync.

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And now I have put the 8 videos into a composition and set that to loop and free run.  The videos have been looping for 2 1/2 hours with no loss of sync.  However, now I'm getting the deadly black flash when I transition to the composition.

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