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I just wanted to share some of my latest BMD Decklink issues, in the hope to get some feedback from some (worried) users.


Does someone know, if the newest driver version 10.5.2 for the BMD Decklink Video Capture Cards (SDI Duo/Quad) works with WO?

Currently, we have installed version 10.1.1 and 10.3.7 as these work okay, as far as BMD things work...


I discovered, when I updating the driver from 10.1.1 to 10.3.7 (to capture a GoPro4, what's not possible with 10.1.1) on a display PC wit Decklink Quad  SDI,

that older WO shows, with Live Cameras in it, created with the older driver didn't work anymore. The camera signals came into the card, but WO was not able to show them. I downgraded to 10.1.1 and it wored again.


So, does does the WO show save, which BMD Decklink driver was used when creating the show?

And does it help re-installing Watchout after I updated the Decklink driver+firmware?


The goal is, to be able to run all old shows with most stable decklink driver...if something like this exists.


An other strange thing is, that with version 10.3.7, Watchout Display is only able to show live video, when "Decklink Video Capture" is selected. (cntrl+W, then Live Input Devices) On 10.1.1 we used to run the "WDM capture", as recommended.


Also, it is not possible, to run a show with Live Video, which was created with a Display-PC where the WMD driver was selected on an other PC where Decklink Video driver is selected. Watchout Display even crashes, when you try to go online on a Live Input in the timeline.


So I guess WO loses the connection to the Live Input Card, once the Driver is different from the original. Am I right with this assumption?



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So, does the WO show save, which BMD Decklink driver was used when creating the show?



And does it help re-installing Watchout after I updated the Decklink driver+firmware?



The only information saved in the show file is what you see in the Live Video media item settings dialog box. In addition to this, the information used to access the capture source is what's selected on the Video In menu of the computer at runtime (which is not saved in the show file, but is local to that particular computer).

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Thanks for the quick answer!


So I guess it's the usual BM hassle...


Though it's weird, WO doesn't show Live Input when I change the driver in the Video In Menu (WDM/Decklink) and crashes. And that it worked again when I downgraded to the older working driver Version. Perhaps, Windows (WDM) remembers which input card was used.

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Try to provide more details on what you mean with "crashes", in order to understand what's going on here. How does this crash manifest itself? Can you get a screenshot of it? Is there any more details available? Such informaion will help in figuring out what's crashing. To begin with, it must be determined whether it's actually WATCHOUT that's crashing or the capture card's driver or some other software. I understand this doesnt make much difference for you, but it does make a difference in how to figure out what's going on and how to fix it.

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When WO Display crashes, on the Display computer a and Windows-message appears: Watchout doesn't function any more. (In german: Watchout funktioniert nicht mehr). In WO Production I get the message "Lost connection to Display computer". In most cases, after about 30s, WO Display runs again. I think, the 2nd instance of Watchout Display (WP) is taking over. Sometimes I have to restart WO Display manually.

When the connection is lost, the Display PC is putting out black. The crash happens, when the cursor in the timeline is standing on a Live Input, of which the driver was changed, as desribed in my previous post. 

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