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is there any resolution subjective on 3D


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i came out a very basic quetion whike seeing the tutrial video named 3D Texturing Using Vitual Display.

in the video he put the file named CarMesh.tif 1024:1024 on Car3ds.

but as we se,that file is smaller than mesh file.

my quetion is it`s doesn`t matter reslolution? i`m not familler with 3D soft such as Cinema4D or something. i made 3D file with SKETCH UP.and i tried to put video file on it.

but it looked bad quality.

i mean the movie quality which is on the 3D model is not good.

3D model i made is around 2000:600:300,on the other hand the movie data is 720:480.

in the tutorial video thay used just 359:291 3D file and the movie one is also 1024:1024.



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The texture resolution need to be hight enough for the area it is to cover, once displayer/projected. If it's too low res, it will look pixelated. If it is unnecessarily high res, youäre wasting resources (memory, and possibly CPU if this is a video texture). There's really no direct relation between the size of the model and the resolution of the texture. The fact that WATCHOUT shows the size of the model in "pixels" may be somewhat misleading here, but it's just a "unit of measure" in this case, really, as there are no "pixels" inside the 3D file itself.

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