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Move from Projectors to Videowalls?

Lloyd Stewart

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All of my shows have been the more common, straight on, "front projected onto a white screen" shows, all done after dark usually in medium sized venues.  But videowalls, and especially "seemless" video walls, like this one here that I found doing a quick Google search:




.......look quite appealing to me and I sense that that could be a direction that some may move in.  For me, the ability to do a show in daylight is the most appealing aspect, not to mention eliminating the hassles of using projectors. 


We once had a client who suddenly insisted on doing a show at Noon outdoors under a covered basketball court.  Can you imagine?  Well, we warned him that because of the sunlight washing out the projector images, they only way we could do that on such short notice was to rent large screen televisions, or else use the largest computer monitors that we owned, a suggestion that I thought was ludicrous, and only offered the idea hoping that he would think it ludicrous too and would abandon the idea.  He opted for the computer monitors!  And, against my better judgement, that is what we used.  Amazingly, about 100 people crowded around three 27" monitors, like folks crowding around a bride when she opens presents.  Shockingly, they all loved the show and I even had two gentlemen come up to me wanting to invest in our business!     


So anyway, I was wondering if anyone else was considering switching away from projectors to videowalls, and what downsides there might be, as compared to the upsides?


(Yeah, I know it would be nice to have both, or just use a rental house depending on the circumstances.  But I'm small potatoes and I try and make my shows low cost, so owing my own stuff makes sense for me)


So has anyone given this any thought, or are we just sticking with projectors?   

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