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Redundant Network Connection as Auto Backup

Thomas Leong

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Has anyone tried (or is using) Teaming or Bridging to backup their network connection?


I tried Teaming with one of my mobos which has 2 NIC ports today - 1 Intel which has the Teaming feature; the other Realtek which does not, so the Intel was used to initiate the Team, using Adapter Fault Tolerance as Team type (italics as edited addition to original post). The 2 ports are connected to a simple unmanaged 1GHz switcher. Tried the same pc first as Production, then as Display PC. Seems to work fine, when pulling out one connector or the other whilst playing a Timeline. Seamless...timeline continues playing with no error message of '...connection lost' from Watchout.


Another mobo I have does not have an Intel NIC, only one NIC, a Realtek, so Teaming was not available. But I hooked up an Orico USB-LAN Adapter, and Bridged the two instead. This also worked with one weakness.


When disconnecting the USB-LAN connection, sometimes Watchout would give an error message of 'Display connection lost', other times no such message (i.e. as if the connection was fine). Could be a timing coincidence with Watchout checking on the network connection soon after the plug was pulled out.


Windows would always show via the network icon in Task Bar as dis-connected when the USB-LAN RJ45 plug was pulled out. It would not show this disconnection if it was the onboard NIC RJ45 being pulled.


On re-connecting the USB-LAN RJ45 plug, it takes a few seconds for Windows to show a connection, then a few secs after that, Watchout's timeline would pause playing, requiring a CTRL-L twice to go back online, and spacebar to continue playing.


The above occurs when the PC is used as a Production PC. Have not tried this as a Display PC yet. Tomorrow! But the conclusion today is that Teaming is more reliable and seamless than Bridging if one has a choice.


Thomas Leong

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I have had no problems with Teaming nor Bridging.


However, the method should be used as a backup. It does not solve networking problems per se. In other words, even a backup could fail when the network adapter, cable or switcher fails. If you have been having network connection problems, it is best to troubleshoot and solve that problem to be absolutely safe.

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