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  1. Hello all, Currently, we are upgrading many of our equipment from 1080p60 to 4K. But it seems that this step is very costy in terms of cost of equipment and processing power, specially if we wanted to run our shows at 60Hz. However, most of the media we run are 24-30 fps. And it seems to me that we have much wider range of options if we upgraded our system to 4k30 Hz instead of 4k60 Hz. I would assume that 4k30 Hz requires half processing power and datarate of 4k60 Hz . My question is, what are the risks and things to consider if we wanted to run every project on 30 Hz/fps? From hardware, software and show operation point of view? Thanks in advanced!
  2. The solution i've found for this issue is rotating your keyboard instead.
  3. From WO 6.2 onward you can stream over network using NDI. For us we use capture cards (Datapath or blackmagic) to input video from other PC into WO.
  4. IoCore seems to be what we need! I was looking for simpler and less expensive solution though. Thanks a lot! I would love to try that. Thanks I thought about it. But we are looking more toward simple occupancy sensor. Kinect seems like an overkill. Thanks anyways!
  5. Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well. A client requested us to install WO system to run 3 blended projectors projecting on a curved screen in a museum. And also, he asked that when someone enters the room the video starts rolling. We think that we need 2 Watchpax 2 as display and 1 laptop as production PC. I believe though that we can remove the production PC and let one of the display Watchpax become the master and automatically run the show. Any reference on how to achieve that? Also, I was wondering if any of you have any idea of how can we use a motion sensor or occupancy sensor to trigger the video task to run in WO. As you know, there are plenty of manufacturers of these sensors but they are not made to be integrated with WO i suppose. Will it work without production PC? And of course we need a simple solution and to be at minimal cost. I suppose the sensor should send Midi, DMX or command string over network. Thanks in advance!
  6. I totally agree with your point whenever we talk about backup system. They are usually not shuttered and I have faced the out of sync issue only once. It was about 1 second off sync but I personally think it was because I was jumping in the timeline. Can you explain how you do this please?
  7. So basically the only function of the E2 is switching between the Main and Backup systems. I have a some question regarding your setup. Where does the Camera feed and laptop (For PPT) go into? And Does the E2 add any extra delay to camera feed or not? Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good day. We use watchout for live events, corporate events and festivals. We use projectors, large LED screens and LCD monitors. Usually we have in each of our racks 1 production PC and 2 display PC. Display PCs are equipped with 2 DVI inputs and 1 SDI input at least and 6 miniDP 4k outputs (Firepro W9100). For backup, we usually feed 2 identical inputs into LED sending card with each input coming from different display PC. And we use LED sending card software to switch between the inputs in case that 1 of the display PCs crashed or something. When we work with projectors, we stack 2 projectors to project an identical image. Each projector is getting identical feed but being fed from different display PC. Therefore, if any of the projectors failed, we have another one ready. And if one display PC failed, we have another display PC running in parallel. We have seen people using video matrix along with watchout (An example: http://www.analogway.com/en/products/mixers-seamless-switchers/premium-av-switchers/ascender-16-4k-livecore-/).And right now we are studying weather or not this method is any advantageous over our current method. I would like to discuss the pros and cons of each of the methods and weather or not you suggest other methods that might be better.
  9. Will try that and get back to you. Your feedback is much appreciated.
  10. Thanks a lot for your resourceful feedback! It makes a lot of sense to me. We are experimenting still. We will get back to you when we have some outcomes
  11. We are studying and experimenting that. Will be back with the results. Thanks.
  12. We have the second latest BIOS. The latest BIOS provides update regarding EZ OC and NTFS which I believe won't matter. Thanks for your response.
  13. I was wondering what software you used to come up with this log?
  14. Hello, We have been facing a problem with HAP playback. Sometimes, the playback is not smooth (choppy) randomly under the exact same circumstances (the same PC, video file, position in timeline etc). Some facts: We usually use After Effects to encode videos into HAP. Once a video starts, it either works perfectly fine until the end of it or runs choppily until the end of the video. The problem occurred in several different events with different video files. The most recent time we faced this problem we were running 2 videos each with resolution of 3338x1920px. With the WO display have 4x 1920x1080 outputs. The problem happened with 2 different Display WO with almost the same hardware. Display WO specifications (Tweaked as recommended by Dataton): Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional Graphics card: FirePro W9100 Processor: Intel Genuine @2.00GHz 18 cores Disks: Samsung EVO 850 240GB (Windows) - Samsung EVO Pro 950 M.2 512GB (WO + Media) RAM: 16 GB DDR4 1600Mhz (1 chip) OS: Windows 7 Professional - Service Pack 1 WO version: 6.1.6 Case: Very good ventilation Looking forward for your collaboration
  15. Does WO 6.2 have the feature I requested here? http://forum.dataton.com/topic/794-feature-requests-post-here/page-12
  16. A technical question. Can we apply the same system image to different PC with slightly different hardware? For example the Motherboard and GPU the same, but the CPU is different.
  17. Hello, Can you elaborate more on how Live Video was improved? In terms of Frame blending technique or lower delay? Thanks in Advance.
  18. A feature I would like to have in WO is related to routing audio. In some cases, mainly some sort of festivals, I need to manage 2 or more different sets of screens and audio that behave independently using 1 production WO and 1 display WO. For example, a theater and outdoor screens. Visual-wise management is easily handled. However audio is not. Most of our display WO have one 3.5 mm audio jack and one optical S/PDIF. I can connect to the audio mixer the 3.5mm to play audio I want to be played in the theater. And connect the optical S/PDIF to play audio I want to be played outdoor area. The problem is, If I play a video to be played in theater screen, I cant route the embedded audio to the 3.5mm audio out. The audio will be played to both 3.5mm and S/PDIF out. Same apply if I play a video on outdoor area, I cant route the audio to the S/PDIF out. To overcome this, I extract audio from the videos. I play the audio file along the respective muted video. This way, WO gives me options assign/route audio channels in media to the outs I desire. The feature request is: Allow us to assign/route audio channels of embedded audio in videos the same way we do to independent audio files. This would save a lot of time wasted on extracting audio and subsequent file management. Thanks.
  19. Hello everyone, We have been facing a problem with one of our WO servers. And currently we are in the process of diagnosing the issue. Knowing the elaboration of the error codes would be highly helpful. The error codes are kinda self-explanatory. But what we are looking for is the exact cause of the error and what is the difference between them. We are mainly looking at 3 error codes: ...Network error; Display computer: Disappeared. ...Network error; Display computer: Connect failed. ...Network error; Display computer: Connection lost. In case the topic has been discussed prior, please refer me to the post.
  20. We are facing some errors involving connections. This post is 4 months old, so I was wondering if you still use this method and how reliable is it. Thanks.
  21. I'm aware of these methods and I do use them, the problem is the accumulated time it consumes doing it that way. But what I'm hoping for is a timeline that just snaps everything to 1/X seconds units on the timeline. X being the refresh rate of the monitor which can be set by users.
  22. I have been facing this issue recently, and to be honest I didn't know the source of it. So luckily its software issue. Since we are into the topic of WO updates, What is the proper way to update WO version. Is it be uninstalling then installing or simply installing the newer version? Sorry if its not the place to post this. Thanks in advance.
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