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BUG : Composition moving when opacity


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Watchout 5.5.2



When I make a composition with multiple layer in and I drop the opacity anywhere else than 100% it moves the positions of all the layers inside that composition. It moves the media of about 4-5 pixels on both X and Y axis at once whenever the opacity goes under 100%. If I would change the opacity from 0 to 99% the offset stays the same.


I have taken all the tween off of the layer inside the composition except scale(it contains only one value), but it still happen.

I can even see it in the Preview without being online. 


If anyone has an idea what I could be doing wrong of if its a bug



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Hi, When I have a bug, is there a person I should contact instead of using this forum? I never got any feed back.

I was using 8watchout with a total of 32outputs (16main / 16backups). I think this kind of setup is a great showoff for watchout. I'm quite deceive not to have got any answer. I did get around a couple of weird issue. But I needed help for this one. I ended up rebuilding the entire show because I couldn't get any answer. Please provide me a better channel to communicate bugs

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Hi, please report bugs to support[at]dataton.com instead of the forum or contact your local dealer, which usually is one of our partners at: https://www.dataton.com/partners


I couldn't reproduce the issue using 5.5.2. I simply added three images inside a composition. Added the composition on the main timeline with an opacity tween track. No movement's.


For WATCHOUT 5.5.2 we are collecting the bug reports but the priority to compile a 5.5.3 bugfix version is very low.

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