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Watchout Nvidia NVS 810


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Hi everyone,

Does anyone try to work with Nvidia NVS 810 on 6 screens?

My system recognizes NVS as two separate cards so I can only use 4 outputs. Is there a way to work with this card at 6 outputs? I have already written to Nvidia but still waiting for a response. This card is very cost-effective, stable and has the EDID manager so i really like it but i still need to have 6 outputs...

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It seems like this card actually are TWO cards, in a one-slot envelope.

This means it will be seen as two cards by Windows, and by extension WATCHOUT.

WATCHOUT then will only use one of them, ie 4 outputs, which make sense, but is not the desired outcome...

Apparently using Mosaic setup in NVidias driver help, but will only be seen as one large screen, not 5/6/7 or 8 individual displays.


So maybe not so good for generic WATCHOUT use then.


From: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9760/nvidia-launches-nvs-810-digital-signage-video-card

This card is based around a pair of GM107 GPUs on a single board, allowing NVIDIA to outfit the NVS 810 with 8 mini-DP 1.2 ports on a single-wide PCIe card



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