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CodeMeter Runtime Server


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When I open WO 5.5.1 I get a message "this program is trying to make changes to your computer", the program is CodeMeter Runtime Server  by Wibu-System AG...I click on the NO button but the window comes back 6 or 7 times and I keep clicking NO. It finally stops and opens up the show. I have had WO on this computer  for 3-4 years, it just started doing this little trick this week. 


I'm using Win 7, the CodeMeter is a program I noticed sitting in my listing of "All Programs", I don't know where it came from. It doesn't appear with opening any other programs just with Watchout.




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Hi Don - the Codemeter program is the dongle software that you need to run Watchout.

The reason you are getting this message I believe is de to your UAC settings. Try this:

  • From the Start menu, Select Control Panel
  • Navigate to System and Security > Action Center
  • From the left pane, Select Change User Account Control settings
  • Drag the scroll button to Never notify
  • Click on OK to save your settings

You might also want to go through the Windows 7 Tweak list helpfully provided by Dataton which covers this and much more.

Hope this helps




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Hi Neil,


I get this Codetime message on my personal notebook when creating the show in WO. I don't have or need a dongle to program WO. When I'm done I pass it on to a WO computer that has the dongle. 


I can try what you suggested by turning off the notification but that would affect other programs also.


Many many thanks,


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