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  1. Can I just uninstall CodeMeter Runtime Server without affecting WO 5.5.1 on my computer that I use to build the shows? I run the show on another WO notebook computer with built in dongle. Thanks again, Don
  2. Hi Neil, I get this Codetime message on my personal notebook when creating the show in WO. I don't have or need a dongle to program WO. When I'm done I pass it on to a WO computer that has the dongle. I can try what you suggested by turning off the notification but that would affect other programs also. Many many thanks, Don
  3. When I open WO 5.5.1 I get a message "this program is trying to make changes to your computer", the program is CodeMeter Runtime Server by Wibu-System AG...I click on the NO button but the window comes back 6 or 7 times and I keep clicking NO. It finally stops and opens up the show. I have had WO on this computer for 3-4 years, it just started doing this little trick this week. I'm using Win 7, the CodeMeter is a program I noticed sitting in my listing of "All Programs", I don't know where it came from. It doesn't appear with opening any other programs just with Watchout. Thanks, DonD
  4. Having an issue with the Watchpax 2 rejecting some video files when loading the WO file from the production computer to the Watchpax 2 with the message: From Display “Display 1” of Stage Tier “Base” of Stage, Direct Show Media Error Operating System Error #2147220891. The show file and video files run fine both on my laptop and on the Watchout production computer screen (brand new Watchout Laptop from Show Sage this week, WO 5.5.1) but the videos do not appear on the display monitor (using as a test instead of a large projector to be used next month), I can see them running on production laptop at the same time not see them on the Display monitor. Watchpax rejected about half of the video files. I think a majority of the video file were things I manipulated, adjusted, shorted, slowed down and then saved them from FCPX, but there are a couple I think were store bought from Pond5, I-Stock. Many thanks, DonD
  5. Question about multiple focus surfaces in Watchout. I'm doing imagery for an opera. There will be DS sharks tooth scrim at curtain line (I want to fit the projected image to the scrim (25'x50'), BUT for half of the opera the DS scrim will fly away and then we will be projecting on drops 40' Up Stage from the curtain line and we will have to resize the artwork to refit the surfaces that are Up Stage. I have two options, 2 stacked/converged projectors OR one larger single projector. Can the Watchout software have two different converging points if we are using two stacked projectors to create a single image? Or can WO have two focus surfaces (different distances to the surfaces being projected on) using a single projector? A friend tells me "I am not sure if you are able to load a different warp at different times in the timeline, which is basically what you need to do." The Down Stage scrim images are all water, underwater trees and foliage so if they are slightly out of focus it might be something we could live with. The US images (Full Moons, room interiors) might want to be the sharper of the images. Many thanks, DonD
  6. I primarily provide the media for the shows I work on, and have not been involve the setup of the Watchout and 2 converged- 12kw projectors. In the past I always let the rental company handle the Watchout setup. We will be buying a Watchout system of 2 WatchPax2 and production computer instead of renting. Other than the basic layout in the Watchout 5.2 manual that shows basic layout of cabling I haven’t found any other info about connecting up the system. From what I can tell: 1-Production Computer connects to the Network switcher via Ethernet Cable. 2-Network switcher then connects to the Watchpax2 via Ethernet Cable. 3-WatchPax2 connects to the 12kw Projectors (display device) via an Adapter Mini DP-DVI Female out of the “Mini Display Port”. 4-Mini DP-DVI adapter then to cable to the projector Both of the time we use a doubled, stacked projectors for a converged single image. Does this mean we would use the second Mini Display Port and Mini DP-DVI adapter for the second projector? I see people converge the two images using a grid to line-up the pattern as one. Can you converge the grid patterns using Watchout or is this done in projector setup? Thank you, DonD
  7. Hi Neil and Mike, Thanks for the answers. I am running Win 7 with the BootCamp on my MacBook Pro NOT Parallels/VMWare, I'm running WO 5.5.1. In the past I have used on my older MacBook running WinXP with Bootcamp running WO 5.2 and 5.5, both MacBooks were fine for putting the shows together at home but not as a production computer at the theatre. Thanks again, DonD
  8. MACBOOK running Windows 7 (64-Bit Operating System, 8 GIG Ram, Watchout 5.5.1) the video clips on the production computer (.MOV, set at Free Running and Looping) runs fine when the timeline is running, when the timeline hits a pause control the video becomes “choppy”, hitting the space bar to go again the video resumes its smoothness and the choppiness stops. I am NOT connected to a display computer, Watchpax/Watchcube etc…. I am just at my studio assembling the show on the production computer in the timeline of the show on my Macbook. A friend of mine suggested that the choppy video playback on the production computer was caused by limitations of the video card and Ram. Any ideas?
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