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WATCHOUT 6.1.3 has been released and you can download it here: http://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchout


Release notes:


Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1.3


Resolved issues

  • Improved support for multiple displays in the display software on Windows 10.
    • Requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
    • For full functionality, Windows 7 is still recommended for both production and display computers.
  • Error in WAV file playback that caused a clicking sound has been resolved.
  • Some TGA files did not work in image sequences.
  • Tearing problems in hardware-accelerated video have been resolved.
  • 3D objects are now visible even at close range to the display/projector.

Known problems in Windows 10

  • Changing resolution of a display inside WATCHOUT may not be handled correctly by some display drivers.
  • NVIDIA GPUs produce visual artifacts in a multi display mode.
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I have a problem with 6.1.3 with wav files whenever a jump cue to the beginning of the Main Timeline is encountered, and the cursor jumps to Time 0 and plays from there. A pause after the jump to Time 0 does not solve it. Only a restart of WO 6.1.3 solves it, but when the jump cue is encountered again, the problem repeats itself.


The problem, more often than not, is that the wav file starts to play in a jerky/staccato/high speed manner, at other times in silence. There is the occasional time that it has no problem. Once the problem starts, scrubbing back to Time 0 or anywhere else along the timeline and play from there does not solve it. This is with a clean install (uninstalled 6.1.2, cleaned registry, reboot Win 10 64-bit updated to Version 1607 (KB3189866)). Went back to 6.1.2 and this does not happen at all.


Thomas Leong


Edit :

Tested on Win 7 Pro 64-bit today, and the problem does not occur at all with .wav files. Therefore sounds like a Win 10 problem (as Production PC; untested for audio via Display PC).

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jithulead, The official support for windows 10 will most likely be in version 6.2 so we will provide an updated tweaking list then. For the production software the only windows 10 specific tweak I'm aware of is to set the "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" to "Off" in the mouse settings. Otherwise it might be problematic when vertically scrolling the layers in the timeline window.


Thomas, I can send you some instructions on how to upload a show that causes these problems so we can analyse and fix it. The next bugfix update of WATCHOUT is scheduled to mid October. Although we are focusing on reliability and rigorous testing before a release there are endless combinations and we can't simply test every possible scenario. This is why your feedback is so important. 

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