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Anybody using FreeD-Tracking cams with WO ?

Michael Scheck

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Hi all! 

Just disovered that the Panasonic UE150 remote camera outputs tracking data in form of a "FreeD" protocol, that can be used to drive 3D engines to output images for VR and AR purposes. Unfortunatly the compatible 3D systems are quite costly.  I am wondering if anybody has worked on this field and if it would be possible to get the tracking data out of the camera to drive perspectives of images in Watchout. I am thinking of simple use with a greenscreen beeing able to pan and zoom with the camera and the background changing accordingly. 


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Hi Michael,

Not yet, but when I saw that the Panasonic 150s support the FreeD protocol, I did start wondering about whether it would be possible to build an application that could convert FreeD data to Blacktrax RTTrPM data which could then be piped into Watchout. The RTTrPM format is well documented here: https://github.com/RTTrP/RTTrP-v1.8.7.0 . The FreeD protocol is explained here: http://docs.vizrt.com/tracking-hub-guide/1.0/description_of_the_freed_protocol.html . But I haven't yet had the chance to get my hands on any FreeD compatible equipment to try capturing a data stream.

An alternative might be to use something like TouchDesigner (somebody has something working here: https://forum.derivative.ca/t/udp-free-d-protocol/8655/ or there is an experimental CHOP here: https://docs.derivative.ca/Experimental:FreeD_CHOP) to convert the FreeD data to raw numbers and adjust Generic Inputs with the setInput command but, although performance was improved in v6, I don't think setInput was designed with high-frequency updates in mind. A Blacktrax input would probably be more robust.


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Hi Guys!


I was in charge of all the special developments with BlackTrax technologies (They created the RTTrPM protocol and that's why Watchout integrated it), and specifically for broadcast applications like AR/VR. I've worked for multiple years on FreeD and RTTrPM so maybe I can help you on some aspects of your needs!


What would you like to achieve by the end? I assume you would need a small soft converting from FreeD to RTTrPM?





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Hi Quentin,

I had been looking at using the RTTrPM protocol as a way of getting data into Watchout at relatively high frequency - more for general interactive purposes than object tracking - and so I was thinking about building an app to translate data from various sources to RTTrPM. When I read about the FreeD support in the Panasonic I started thinking about how that might be used in Watchout - although camera tracking data might not be as immediately useful as object tracking, I guess. So the aim was to build a tool that could translate, or simulate, data from various sources/formats to RTTrPM. And then lockdown ended, things got busier again and I haven't had time to make any more progress on it! But if you have any tips on integrating RTTrPM & FreeD, I would be grateful for any advice.

By the way, were you present at a Panasonic Road show / BlackTrax demo event in Saint Denis a couple of years ago?


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