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Connect Together (Lighting, Visual, and Instrument)


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Is it possible to connect together with Watchout 5, Lighting console Titan Mobile and instrument playback with Ableton Live? Maybe via midi controller?


Titan Mobile


Ableton Live



My goal is setup like this with 1 controller:


How to setup that configuration on Watchout 5? I have no idea.




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Don't expect a straight forward answer.


If something like the video, you don't even need the Titan to control the lights, WO can output DMX and serve as the light desk.

Also WO can output MIDI and TCP so Ableton should be an easy one to, again WO can output audio so maybe you don't need ableton....


Seems to me you have a lot of reading to do.

Or contact one of Dataton partners and ask for a project.


What I see on the video can be done with just WO and DMX and MIDI interface.

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