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M-Audio "M-track eight" audio interface with Dataton Watchout ver4


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Hi All, 


I'm Rupak from India, one of my client is using "DATATON Watchout ver4" with M-track Eight as its audio interface on a windows 7 Ultimate version. He was earlier using "Delta1010" in windows XP system. In earlier system, in the control panel's sound setting window, in playback/recording section there was an option which says "multi-channel playback/multi-channel recording" and it was giving the option of play back of .wave XT format sound. This has 8 channels in a single file and if you playback that file through windows media player it should give you the output on 8 different outs. Now after installing the “M-track eight” the option of multi-channel playback is not coming. Now the option in playback section is coming in a pair of 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 but not a single multi channel playback. Is anybody has any idea if it is possible to make the multi channel playback option ON. If anybody using/used “M-track eight” with watchout ver4 pl tell me how to make multi channel out possible. Thanks in advance. 




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The reason for Delta 1010 working, and M-Track Eight is not working with WATCHOUT 4.x.x (or 5.x.x) is that

the M-Track Eight's WDM driver is not supporting multi-channel output properly, as the Delta 1010 driver does.


This is a M-Audio issue, unfortunately. WATCHOUT 4/5 relies upon the M-Audio driver to make this work.


In WATCHOUT 6.x.x, the multichannel audio works in a different way, here the M-Track Eight would work.



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