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audio issue


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I'm experiencing a weird audio issue.


Every now and then (extremely hard to force) watchout will output a loud feedback/air siren type of sound when playing a .wav file.


I've only experienced it once, it started playing the correct audio, then went into this feedback thing after some seconds.


.wav file is 48khz, 16bit.

w.out is 6.1.4 ( i thought it might be an issue with the audio bug in 6.1.2. so I updated, but alas it persists)

audio interface is Focusrite 6i6 (usb)

otherwise, Intel Xeon e5, ASrock X99, 32gb ram, ssd drives.

tweaks are done.


As mentioned its not a constant issue, only occurs now and then, you reboot the display computer and voila it works again.


As the project I'm running was originally done in v5, I noticed today that WO displayed the .wav file as having 0 channels in the media window. When importing the audiofile again it shows up having 2 channels.

a small v5 to v6 bug it seems.. can this be part of it?


Anyone has any ideas?







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