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    two errors

    thanks for the reply. This is a hard one to reproduce.. all has been good since. windows 7 log says nothing of interest either. ok. I'll put it on the tech-voodoo list for now. Thanks. T
  2. Hi. I work at a theatre. Currently running WO on two stages. and it has been stable and fine lately. However.. friday evening the display computer on stage1 crashes, log saying: Watchpoint exited abnormally (code: 3221225477), restarting. Saturday display computer on stage 2 crashes, log saying: Watchpoint stopped responding. Both occurred in the middle of shows. not at startup. Its not the same show. both displays are running win7, tweaks are done. Stages are running 6.3 vs 6.4, and have been for some time without issues. The IT-guy says no special network events have occurred either. And of course, next evening shows ran perfectly and I can't seem to recreate the error. As a human I try to find a connection when this crap happens with short intervals. any ideas on what? if not, what does code:3221225477 imply.? seems to be media-related access something in terms of windows, but unspecific. anyone with win7/WO experience? thanks. T
  3. Hi. I need to get another production laptop. I read some talk about win10 enterprise or PRO in here, but many laptops come with win10 home. So there any problem using home vs Pro? I know Win10Home would function, but are there any downsides?
  4. The option to have have corner tween without keyframing. i make so much unwanted animation here.. and have ie. arrow keys for fine-tuning of corner points without zooming-in drag -> zoom in drag..
  5. turned out to be a f**ed up switch. But at least I seem to have confirmed my suspicion of UDP traffic for timeline changes, and IP traffic for online/update. thanks for help. T
  6. Hi there dear network. I have an issue with watchout and networking. I can open my project, go online, no issues. Go to a cue with a test-image. works. Go to next image in timeline, and suddenly nothing happens. The display computer does not follow the 'timeline' of the production computer. Production computer goes to image B, while Display is still showing image A. (And no error messages btw.) Now if i go to image B ( in prod-computer) and press either ctrl-d (update) or go online-offline again, then image B will be displayed from the display computer. So some network traffic is going through, some is apparently not. And this problem is not consistent. its intermittent. It seems to me to start appearing after about 15 mins or so. but dont quote me on that. If I go very locally and use a small stupid switch between prod and display then everything will work fine. So this has got to be about the network switches used at the house. The house mentioned is a theatre and we have connected a lot of stuff together with network switches, as one would need to do in a big house. It sort of has to be that way.. We have some Planet SGSW-24040 where one can setup ports the way you want. How would one need to setup the switches in order for WO to function correctly. What kind of traffic is WO really using. I have no black belt in networking, but i know there is a difference with IP and UPD traffic. My network-dude is asking how WO wants things to be. And I really dont know.. Does anyone? Watchout v6.2.2 win7 on display, win 7 on production. tweaks done.. hoping for someone to share some thoughts.. Torbjørn
  7. Hi. Long time WO user but new to network video. I have a project coming up where I want to stream a webcam, an external webcam. Out in the woods. Now I have the url, and it works fine in a browser and such. but.. through WO I can't seem to get an image. Im supposed to get a preview on the production computer as well ?? This is the stream: rtsp://freja.hiof.no:1935/rtplive/_definst_/hessdalen02.stream Do I need it in another format, like the ip address of the server? any help appreciated to point me in the right direction. Thanks Torbjørn
  8. Quick question about capture cards as the document with preferred cards is .. aging a bit. I have a couple of BM declink cards in other machines, and they are causing me quite a lot of hassle. so im considering moving to data path cards.. Is there support for the LcSDI single input card as well. and the quad input ScSDI4? Does anyone have good experience with either of these? Can I have several cards in one machine. i.e 2x of the single input LcSDI? as this is cheaper than having the dual card..
  9. Nothing in the log files about this (or anything else..)
  10. Running BM desktop video v 10.8. maybe upgrading WO to 6.1.6 will help? but i've had issues with WO versions vs BM drives. ie. 6.1.4 seemed to not work at all with black magic, with 6.1.5 it suddenly worked. dress rehearsal tomorrow so I'm a bit uneasy about what 6.1.6 will bring.
  11. Hi all. Im doing a show now with 2 projectors, and switching a bit between 4 cameras live input in v 6.1.5 of watchout. And while this works fine most of the time, Ive had issue on 2 occasions now. In the middle of nothing particular, no apparent changes.. watchout seems to crash? Projector seems to loose contact, I get some flashing on screen, a WO logo appears on screen for a second. and then it actually 'repairs' itself. Live camera comes back on screen. Now I realise it could be many things. projectors, display computer, etc.. Inputcard is a Blackmagic declink quad2. Inte. Xeon-E5 machine with GeForce GTX980 graphic. Now.. projectors,cabling, computer has not been an issue earlier. so my 2 cents is leaning towards WO. Could i.e. live input over a long time cause issues? this is going on for hours.. anyone has ideas? T
  12. yes. still no success. we ended up not having to use the shutters, so I left it to test further on a rainy day after the tour has ended.. thanks..
  13. Hi. I'm having some trouble with controlling my projector with serial commands. I have a setup with a new pc with an ATEN UC232-A usb->rs232 converter. its set up as COM1. COM baudrate is set to 38400. Projector is a NEC px7000w, baud rate of the same. On production computer I made a string output , serial port, right baudrate. the NEC manual wants me to send this string 02H 00H 00H 00H 00H 02H (for power on) ​I guess thats $02$00$00$00$00$02 as the 'data to send'.. Now I've tried different syntaxes, adding carriage return on end etc.. But I get zero response. If anyone has any ideas as to what I'm missing I'd be very grateful. It might be simple, I dont have too much experience with serial stuff. T
  14. Hi. I'm experiencing a weird audio issue. Every now and then (extremely hard to force) watchout will output a loud feedback/air siren type of sound when playing a .wav file. I've only experienced it once, it started playing the correct audio, then went into this feedback thing after some seconds. .wav file is 48khz, 16bit. w.out is 6.1.4 ( i thought it might be an issue with the audio bug in 6.1.2. so I updated, but alas it persists) audio interface is Focusrite 6i6 (usb) otherwise, Intel Xeon e5, ASrock X99, 32gb ram, ssd drives. tweaks are done. As mentioned its not a constant issue, only occurs now and then, you reboot the display computer and voila it works again. As the project I'm running was originally done in v5, I noticed today that WO displayed the .wav file as having 0 channels in the media window. When importing the audiofile again it shows up having 2 channels. a small v5 to v6 bug it seems.. can this be part of it? Anyone has any ideas? Regards Torbjørn
  15. its a managed switch, but ports used are managed to allow everything. no firewalls.. It actually works 99% of the time.
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