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Would there be any issues installing 3D software and video editing/conversion programs in a Display PC?


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We have a powerful Display PC that I would like to use more than Watchout. I've read the manuals and that bit about not installing any other codecs, right now I only have Quicktime 7.6 installed.


I intend to install Blender, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, Handbrake and any other program I might find useful down the line. Would there be any issues from this?



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Similar to Steve Farris' suggestion, perhaps you could install a 2nd version of the OS on another physical hdd/sdd, and preferably have a disk-swap tray system installed in the PC for easy swapping of OS. This ensures the WO system remains untouched.


But for me, personally, I have After Effects, Photoshop, Handbrake, etc in my display pc, and have not had any trouble with WO when used as a Display PC. One learns eventually what is required, what disturbs, where to look and what to look out for, and how to solve without uninstalling other required programs. In this respect, Codec Tweak Tool for Windows 7 (works under Win 10 as well) helps in the learning and discovery process (just make screen captures of the codecs with/without, etc). However, I am the only one using these PCs - nobody else.

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