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Spyder VISTA how to

Guest z0z

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someone know how can I send [strong]commands [/strong]from [strong]watchout [/strong]to [strong]spyder vista[/strong], for exmple : put on a command key triger..


tnx alot.



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I can help you! I hope its not to late!


I have some Commands for the Vista Systems spyder 344.

I can check if these Commands also can control the newer X20 which we also have.

Also i can control the Barco Image Pro HD with Watchout, so i get an extra "Layer" ;-)


Her are the Basics for Watchout 4


You must set a Output String to Spyder (Window Output):

Output Port Name "Spyder" (you can use your own name for that)

Network Port

Network Adress (our Spyder is

IP Port Number "11116"

UDP Protokol


Here is a String CUE for FunktionKey 1 that you can drop into a timeline (i use AUX Timelines which i can start via Midi inputs):

spyder$00$00$00$00FKR 1


BTR (Background Transition)

spyder$00$00$00$00BTR 60

This Command must work, if not the IP or something else ist Wrong


Freeze Layer 1

spyder$00$00$00$00FRZ 1 2

Unfreeze Layer 1

spyder$00$00$00$00FRZ 0 2


Spyder Cue 1 (Command Key Recall)

spyder$00$00$00$00RSC 0 3 R


Notice that the first Command key is the Number 0 (ID) ! Then Script Cue 3

It could be possible that the numbers are the same as the icon Command and Function Keys (minus 1) or in the order you create it! i am not sure in that Moment! Try it ;-)


Router Salvo (here for our Extron RGBHV Xcross)

spyder$00$00$00$00RCR 2 P

0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7


The first part is almost the same. the little commands are from the manual (Hardware Op Manual Page 15)


You can use Watchout without Dongle on the same Computer as Vista advanced to get Midi Inputs direct to the Spyder.


I hope i can help you


Greetings from Germany


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