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  1. Hi The Version 5.10c in 32/64bit works fine! The installation under Win8 its only for Small setting/shows. Normally i would use Win7, thats the normal Setup for our Watchout. Thanks a lot an greetinx from Bavaria Daniel
  2. Hi I Try to install 4.51 on my new Dell Win8 64bit Notebook and i get the same Error. How can i fix it... Greetinx Daniel
  3. Hi I try a lot with Watchout to Control such devices: Vista Systems Spyder an Barco Folsom HD are Running. Our TV-One Converter are diifycult. Spyder looks like this: spyder$00$00$00$00RSC 0 3 R Folsom like this: RTE 1 $0D When there is not good Manual from the Device its a Try-and-Error-Thing! This is the Case for our TV-Ones where i only plan to use the Freeze Key... Is there a collection of these commands in this Forum? Greetings Daniel
  4. Hi I use "only" WO4.51, but is there a option to "clean" the Display Computer from unused Media? I also want to know how the CPU and GPU is working for each Display Computer. (I try to use Windows Tools for that, it could be possible) This would be nice! Greetings Daniel
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