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  1. Hi I use Acronis since nearly 10 Years for all Backups and Restores. My Watchout Image is very small, and when I use a USB3 Stick/HDD the PC is ready and fresh after 10min! I doesn't use special PCs for Watchout, so I must use the normal PCs (Intel Z77 Based) that we use for Presentations / Congress Jobs. For the small Watchout Jobs they are powerful enough. For more "Power" we use the Pandoras Box or the Picturall Octo. Greetings Daniel
  2. Hi Problem Solved? I would try to use the "autostart" Folder and start the Watchpoint with no logo (as admin?) Never tried this way, because after each reboot I am asked for IP Settings (3rd party tool) and have to click "OK" and then start Watchout manually Greetings Daniel
  3. Hi Last time I use such kind of loop (for a coffeebreak) I use a static Background Image in the Main Timeline and fade the pictures in the loop in and out. Loop IN | Fade in Picture 1 | Fade out | Fade In Picture 2 | Fade out | jump to Loop IN and Run Do you use Fade In and Outs? Is there a static Background in the Main Timeline ? What happen, when you use the first/last picture in the Main Timeline as static Background for this display where the loop is runnning? Greetings Daniel
  4. Hi The Version 5.10c in 32/64bit works fine! The installation under Win8 its only for Small setting/shows. Normally i would use Win7, thats the normal Setup for our Watchout. Thanks a lot an greetinx from Bavaria Daniel
  5. Hi I Try to install 4.51 on my new Dell Win8 64bit Notebook and i get the same Error. How can i fix it... Greetinx Daniel
  6. Hi I think its easyer with 2 more Projektors, because of the Deep of the Focus. I would like to use the Twist and Blending via the Christies. (We use the M Serie, its easy with it) Also easy is the Color Balance and Blacklevel Setup inside the Projektors. Use the Christie Lens Calculator to find the better Lens. I think the short One is good, but it depends on the possible position of the Projektor (rigging points?) Greetings from Germany Daniel
  7. Hi My cue times are often 0.1s and it will work. But not on every Destination: other Watchout Production PC, VLC, the Vista System Spyder, the Extron DVS 605 and Powerpoint is working well with this times. i have the same "Error" by sending IP Commands to a Picturall Octo Mediaserver to control the Layers (synced to Watchout): Sometimes the Command is working sometimes not. Do you have the Chance to see the "Log" of the Projectors? Christie is written everything into a log that i could see in my Windows Browser (Power up, Cooing Time, Input, Commands on TCPIP Port, RS232, GPIO and so on), perhaps ist possible that the Barcos have a similar "tool" My next step will be: Read the Network traffic with a "Sniffing Tool" and try to compare the Commands with the Commands from the "original Software Tool" which is controlling the Server. On that way i get the Commands for Watchout to control the Vista Spyder ;-) Perhaps it will work in your Case. Greetings from Germany Daniel
  8. Hi point 5: Check your Lumen with a meter. a App on a iphone can be used, but a small Lumen-Meter is not expensive (40 Euro from "Voltcraft" in Germany). Its OK to check the Brightness. Also its easier to use a DLP Projector. A Color Balance - Meter is about 6000 and up Euros (cheapest in Germany by a german Manufactor). We measured at Christie Germany some Projectors and caibrated the Colours. Its easy with a spezial Meter and a small Excel sheet! Most Projetors of the same series with neary the same hours are patched. if you want to Use our Eyes its possible! But after hours you only the colours... Testpatterns (grayscale) are important. you will find some generators. We use the Build in Test-patterns first (Match the Projetcors), then from the computer oder Mixing-Unit (match the Inputs). We build a widescreen with a 10K and a 6K. Brightness and Blacklevel must be the same. The Overlap-Area is brighter on Black then the other Area! When you need black Areas you must calibrate this Area too. In Christie Projectors you will find this pssibility ;-) Greetings form Germany Daniel
  9. Hi We combine Watchout with our spyder (similar to your Analogway) for LIVE PiPs. Watchout is only the Background for us. The Blending makes the Spyder. I would do this this way, because i can remove the Watchoutlayer and use a still background in case of Backup. I thing the AW does the Same After a Trainee Session at Christie Germany we will try to use a PIP directly from the Projektor and also the Blending / Warp from this. Without Spyder or another Mixing Unit! Greetings Daniel
  10. Hi Our IT has a tool to send Simple TCP Messages to Office 2013. In Our Case we use ist for automatic Slidechange between 2 Computers (Syncronisation) EG: The Presenter can see the English slides and the visitors follow German Slides on the Screen. My Wish for our IT is that i can send a Message from Powerpoint to Watchout. So one special Slides we can use a Cue...
  11. Hi Our IT has a tool for Office 2013. We use this for simple Background Images for our Spyder. You can send the Powerpoint-Computer a simple TCP IP Message and he do a click or change the Slides. Its possible, but you need a IT-Support Greetings Daniel
  12. Hi The "Emulator" from Smithsonmartin could be a nice Software! http://www.smithsonmartin.com/software/ I didnt get a Connection between Emulator and Watchout... (Fullversion and Watchout with Dongle 4.51) Try it ;-) Greetings Daniel
  13. Hi With that Nanokeys im getting "Buffer Overflows". the BCF is working fine. I read ist something with the Chanel or something like that. Do you have also Buffer overflows? Also it would be nice to have a Programm, that show me all Midi Devices connected with the ID. Any Idea? Since last week i try to use "Emulator", thats not easy... Grettings Daniel
  14. Hi Contact the Sanyo Support! Every Setting in the Projector is the Same? Firmware? Greetings Daniel
  15. Hi I try a lot with Watchout to Control such devices: Vista Systems Spyder an Barco Folsom HD are Running. Our TV-One Converter are diifycult. Spyder looks like this: spyder$00$00$00$00RSC 0 3 R Folsom like this: RTE 1 $0D When there is not good Manual from the Device its a Try-and-Error-Thing! This is the Case for our TV-Ones where i only plan to use the Freeze Key... Is there a collection of these commands in this Forum? Greetings Daniel
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