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  1. I am facing the same issue with my new built using WO 6.1.1, after a while the display computer disappear with black screen and i can't access the WO except if i restarted the pc, i thought its the new M.2 SSD drive as it become too hot but i installed two SSD with raid 0 and did the same. Any i deas?! My built as follow: Asrock x99 fatal professional W9100 FIREPRO 16 g ddr4 kingston ram Samsung M.2 pro 950 512g Xeon E5-2683 v3 CPU CORSAIR H80I cooler.
  2. we are facing the same problem and sometimes the WO (production) crash with deleting time!!
  3. Hi Jonas, thank you for the information, just a quick question, i saw in the project you shared that there is only three blending areas, what about the the last one where the 1st projectors join with the last one?! regards, Basil
  4. Hi, we've been asked to do a projection on sphere shape from outside surface and speak frankly we have no clue how to do it!! i appreciate if someone can helps us. this is initial information we have: 1- the sphere diameter is 3 M 2- the projection distance from the sphere is open 3- we have 4 Christie projectors 20K S+with twist card available 4- lenses available 1.5-2:1 and 2.8-4.3:1 5- WO 5.51 what I am looking for: 1- what would be the projection size 2- How many projectors we need for this project 3- Projectors distance from the sphere according to the lenses we have 4- what would be the way to do the edge blending on the sphere surface 5-any other information or details we need to know!! thanks Basil
  5. if you are capturing 1080 50i you can display it in watchout only with 1080 25p I don't know why but it always work.
  6. thank you all for the prompt reply, i already formatted the PC and followed the tweaking file, problem solved, i won't install any software except quick time and the WO 5.2.
  7. Hi, we are recently facing the same problem, we followed the tweaking file installation suggested by you but we still facing the same problem, i opened other software which count on quicktime like propresnter i didn't face the same problem as in Watchout, please advise P.S i only see this watermark in production computer or if i am displaying on LCD, with projection i didn't notice it.
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