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  1. hi, any news about multichannel possibilities with watchout 5.5.2/windows 7? is there any new sound cards tested by dataton? would it be better with windows 8? we haven't test with windows 8 yet. thanks, Mathieu
  2. hi, for information, we reached to play 6 tracks multiwav file directly at the outputs of a motherboard (ASUS P9X79). but not the 8 tracks multiwav file. Mathieu
  3. Hi, what would you think about this solution to play multiwav files: http://www.aes-hdmi.com/hdmi-2a.html could it work? or is it the same WDM drivers problem? Thanks Mathieu
  4. hi, I've had this problem once with WO5/windows 7. to resolve it, i had to empty the cache totally of the display, then put online, and load everything. Mathieu
  5. Hi Nninja, yes,i would be pleased to hear the results of your tests. Mathieu
  6. meaning that video was not as fluid as before the tweaking list.
  7. display is not fluid...... we use three outputs. two DVI and one HDMI. when we switch off one display, it is ok. is this graphic card is ok for you? also, we setup our windows 7 following your tweaking list, and it is worst..... thanks for your help Mathieu
  8. hi, we have some troubles with a new configuration, multi output. we use ASUS GTX660-DC2-2GD5 graphic card. what do you think about this one? mother board ASUS P8H77-V CPU I5 HD Samsung SSD 840PRO for data and WO HD intel SSD 330 series for windows. we use HDMI to DVI passive adapters. then DVI to optical actice adapters. we checked all the tweaking list. thanks for telling me what do you think about this configuration. thank you, Mathieu
  9. hi, another question about the souncard that you agreed. if i use two ECHO AudioFire 12 (or two ECHO AudioFire 8 or two ESI 1010e) on the same production computer, will i be able to read a 16 tracks multiwav file? we work on a new project with 12 sound tracks. thank you, Mathieu
  10. hi, this is a usefull thing that would help us: - when using the geometry grid in full mode, it would be good to have an option to delete all curvature values for all handles points, instead of set each one to zero. also, to have the possibility to enter a default curvature value when you add points. because when you add a point, this value is set by default to 39. but maybe it is already possible? thanks Mathieu
  11. hi, ok, i contact digigram. how to be sure that WO uses WDM driver of an audio card and not another driver? because in this case, there is several drivers instaled (WDM, Wave, asio......) thanks, Mathieu
  12. hi, i just made a test with a digigram VX882e PCI card. digigram says it has WDM drivers. i cannot play a 8 track multiwav file (windows 7, WO 5). WO says "direct show error" any idea? Thanx, Mathieu
  13. hi, did someone test with RME cards? i mean multichannel setup under windows7/WO5? Thanx, Mathieu
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