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  1. I agree with klikwawan, on Parallel Desktop it works pretty well. I have not tried it for a gig, but it helps out well to create a show. In my opinion P.Desktop is more stable than bootcamp.
  2. altar

    Sound Issue

    so I converted a soundtrack in 44Khz and the problem was the same. Indeed once the "Media Center" unchecked the problem disappeared. Tom thank you for sharing your (unfortunate) experience. I quite agree with Tom. Especially since this problem was introduced with this latest version. (At least for me)
  3. altar

    Sound Issue

    actually, yes it was 48Khz files, I will try with 44Khz versions and let you know. Thanks Mathieu, I also tried it but it didn't work, unfortunately.
  4. Hello everybody, due to a problem in a show last week, I liked to have your opinion on this issue. OS: Win7 x64 WO: 5.5.1 Config Type: WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - March 2013 SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO. I was unable to load sound files (wav,. Mp3, ...) into the display computer. He took on the producer, put it on the timeline, but when I wanted to go online, it started to load, then go on "red cross" without error message. I tried to reboot, remove and re-cache files, re-install software. Nothing has worked. The only way was to use a video container to play the sound.
  5. Thank you for the quick response. I'm aware that the examples are not written in stone, but as there are some bad mixes (we've all had the experience), I prefer to ask before
  6. Hi everybody! I am building a multi-outputs machine based on your document: "WATCHOUT dpcspec-4U rack - March 2013 SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO.pdf" The only things different are the torque: processor / motherboard. I was offered the following material: Motherboard Supermicro X9SRA Proc Intel Xeon E5-1650 Based on your expertise, do you see any problem to choose this material? Thanks!
  7. altar

    WO + Sensor

    Thanks a lot for all your advices! I'll watch it closely
  8. altar

    WO + Sensor

    Hi, thanks a lot for your answers gentlemen I'm ok with Midi messages. Tom I'm from France. I see that you have some experience in this type of show. Could you, please, advise me a detector model, because the choice is wide! JP
  9. Hello everyone! I have a customer request and I need your advice to answer. The customer wants a presence detector, installed at the entrance of a room, and when it detects someone, a message is displayed on a screen. What material is most suitable for this use, in terms of detection? How to communicate between the sensor and Watchout in this case? thank you in advance!
  10. Your Welcome, Medias done with Maya, 3ds & Cinema 4D 6x projectors: Panasonic PTDZ 110 6x displays: Mac Book Pro SSD with last bootcamp Optic Fibers 1x Mac book Producer 1x switch gigabit Netgear 1x Airplay Extreme 1x Ipad with Iteleport to control the show
  11. Hello, Watchout V.5.1 Midi Controller: KorgNaNO2 as soon as I raise a fader too fast,or more faders simultaneously,I get a message: "Error:Midi I/O buffer overflow" Do you know how to solve this problem? Thanks Regards JP
  12. Hello, Release: Watchout 5.1 Midi Controller: Korg Nano2 I tryto create a carousel of pictures,which can be rotated using a knob.Unfortunately,having no trigonometric operators such as sine,root,cosine...It is difficult to rotate an image on a circle. Is it possible to achieve it in another way? Is it possible,in a future release,to have trigonometric operators? Thanks Regards JP
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