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  1. In an earlier thread, Jonas sez: But if you have a new Mac with an Intel processor it runs very well with the latest version of emulation software, such as VMWare Fusion and Parallels. It works well for light production work. For more heavy production, it could work as well, if the Preview is turned off. This applies to the WATCHOUT production computer, do NOT attempt to run WATCHOUT Display computers under emulation software. Another option on a Mac is of course installing Windows under BootCamp. My question is . .If running Bootcamp will both Production AND Display work as expected or do Display machines need to be Windows machines? Thanks . . .Jeff
  2. I'm looking to control two projectors with serial commands from WO 4.3. probably using the Keyspan (Tripplite) USB 4 port adapter. Can WO do this? Anything to look for in setting it up? Thanks for the words of wisdom.
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