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About Kinect and Watchout


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Dear everyone


We found the connection between the Kinect sensor and  Watchout. The motion sensor works with watchout.



Our propose is that Kinect motion sensor can sense the motion from a person. Then, the motion sensor is triggered and play an animation in the watchout


But,our question is how to extract the extract the value from the Kinect motion sensor.How does the watchout identify the signal from the Kinect motion sensor.

Thank you for your help!!

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There is an accompanying document with the Kinect lesson in the Watchout Academy, in its ending part it says:


“Changing the Interface Program:  If you want to do something more interesting with Kinect in conjunction with WATCHOUT, change the interface program to support additional parameters, or change the way the parameters are calculated. The interface program is written in C#, and can be edited using the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express.”


You can contact your local Watchout partner for more information.

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