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RTSP network Video issue


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I ran into a weird issue with RTSP video, where if i run a RTSP Video around 10-15 times quickly in short duration, it stops running on the display computer. On the production side it would still work just the display side doesn't show anymore, and the production side doesn't have any error messages. Any idea what happened?


Also should i setup my RTSP Server on the production computer? Right now i have it on a third computer on the same network. Does it make a difference?




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Hi Kat


I've experienced that if my Production was running highres in preview when I had a show onair, over a period of time certain functions were beginning to fail. In my case it was images from the Dynamic Image server. What I did was setting the preview to "Thumbnail" resolution, and that did the trick. Nobody have been able to explain why.


I don't know if it will help you, but you could give it a try.


Best regards Christian

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