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6.1.6 Stutter playback on timeline update - restart cures


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Hey Guys


Got a nagging issue I'm noticing with out 6.1.6 rig.  We're running a setup with 3 servers, Dual 4k@30, Dual 2560x1440, and Dual 1080p outputs.  When adding a new clip to the timeline and doing an update, the clip playback seems to stutter.  However if I restart the machine, irrespective of how many clips are on the timeline, all playback is fine and smooth.  Jumping around the timeline does not cause any stutter at all, but if any changes are made, even if its a control cue, the playback starts to stutter again.  


The clips were encoded in h.264, 100mbps (and to me that's quite a high bitrate, which will be changed), and the server config is as follows:


4.2Ghz Kaby Lake Core i7

16GB Ram

240GB SSD for OS, 525GB M.2 PCIe SSD for watchout

Radeon RX480 8GB video cards


Is there a refresh/update setting I should be changing?  I do not yet have the watchout preferences set to 30hz playback, not sure if that might cause the issue as well.  


Any ideas?  Thanks!

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