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  1. Hey Guys Anyone ever tried using the Behringer FCA610/FCA1616 or the Tascam US-16x08 multichannel interfaces with watchout? Looking for a more flexible output solution than motherboard audio and these hit a very attractive price point. Got a show coming up that will have 3 seperate rooms, each with an LED screen and its own audio track. Looking to play them out of a single Watchout server (all resolutions are under 1080P, very easy to handle even for an older machine) but need to output 3 discrete stereo tracks, each to its respective display. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Its not quite the same thing. We're using WO in a Poor Man's Process, so sometimes there's a request to "defocus" the content to make it look more realistic (akin to a process trailer) and to simulate a shorter depth of field.
  3. +1 for a blur tween track. We use led walls as well on film shoots and the ability to give a slight blur to content is a major plus. How about a gamma adjust on the advanced display tab? And some way to remotely monitor your server cpu/gpu/disk load, for testing codecs, bitrate, etc?
  4. Depending on the vendor, the RX480 can drive up to 5 outputs. I'm running a Sapphire RX480 8G and it has 2 x DP, 2 x HDMI2.0 and 1x DVI DL. I've gotten 5 x 1080p outs no problem, and 2 x 4k30. But no support for the S400 sync module though (not an issue with our uses, but may be necessary for yours)
  5. I had this same issue and it turned out to be a graphics driver problem. I'm using an Asus R9 380 and installing the base AMD drivers caused the error. I installed the Asus drivers instead and that fixed it. Sometimes OEMs tweak the design for a feature they've enabled nd it's just different enough that stock drivers won't work.
  6. Hey Guys Got a nagging issue I'm noticing with out 6.1.6 rig. We're running a setup with 3 servers, Dual 4k@30, Dual 2560x1440, and Dual 1080p outputs. When adding a new clip to the timeline and doing an update, the clip playback seems to stutter. However if I restart the machine, irrespective of how many clips are on the timeline, all playback is fine and smooth. Jumping around the timeline does not cause any stutter at all, but if any changes are made, even if its a control cue, the playback starts to stutter again. The clips were encoded in h.264, 100mbps (and to me that's quite a high bitrate, which will be changed), and the server config is as follows: 4.2Ghz Kaby Lake Core i7 16GB Ram 240GB SSD for OS, 525GB M.2 PCIe SSD for watchout Radeon RX480 8GB video cards Is there a refresh/update setting I should be changing? I do not yet have the watchout preferences set to 30hz playback, not sure if that might cause the issue as well. Any ideas? Thanks!
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