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HAP File doesn't play


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It means that the GPU in your computer is not able to create a texture of that size, which is required to be able to play the movie. Most likely the limit is 8192x8192 pixels. This is not a limitation om Watchout, but rather a limitation of the computer you are working on. If the problem only appears on the production computer, you can select "Video as thumbnails" in the preview menu, to avoid actually playing the video on the production computer. 

If the problem is on a display computer, you will either have to pre split the video, or get a more capable graphics card. 



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When i am playing HAP file of 9696*1920 Pixels in master server i m getting error

"Rendering error :4; image size exceeds hardware capabilities


configuration of master server:


ram 16 gb

windows 10

9696 x 1920 = 18.6 megapixel

Is this not exceeding the 11 megapixel barrier of the HAP decoder?

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To clarify, there is no inherent 11 megapixel barrier in the Hap decoder. But there are some things to consider when encoding and testing performance to get correct results. 

1. A single-chunk Hap movie has its limitations, since the part of the decoding that takes place on the CPU can only use one core. For better performance and to be able to play more movies, use chunked encoding. 


2. When measuring how many movies of a certain kind you can play at once, it is important to use physically separate files. If not, the test is not valid. If you create several cues from the same media in Watchout, and they start at the same time, the playback engine will be shared among all the cues starting at the same time. This means that from a Watchout perspective, it is only playing one movie. If you create several cues from the same media, but they don't start at the same time, there will be as many instances of playback as there are cues, but the test is still not valid, since the Windows Cache is playing us some tricks here. If you have plenty of RAM in the machine, windows will cache the most recent parts of the movie, and only the cue that starts first will actually have to read the file from disk. The rest of the cues get the file directly from RAM. 


While testing single chunk movies you are likely to hit a barrier around 500 MB/sec, since that's about as much as a single core on a modern CPU can handle when decoding the part of the Hap format that uses the CPU. 


It is perfectly possible to play 30+ megapixel Hap movies in Watchout. What you need is a fast computer, very fast disk and a Hap movie encoded with chunks. 




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As I mentioned earlier, if the problem is in the production computer, try selecting "Video as thumbnails" in the Preview menu. That way the production software will not try to play the video in the stage window. There might still be issues when adding the video, so you might need to add it by selecting "Add Video Proxy" from the Media menu.



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