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Display 1 lost connection


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Hi, I have the problem with Watchout server. 
When I switch ON the server came to step when shows sign of Watchout 6, but when I try to put the production computer in online mode to show the projection, or trigger the watchout it's coming message: "Display 1 lost connection" and the sign of Watchout 6 blinks. 

I tried with restarting the server, switch OFF and ON again, restarting the production computer, but didn't help.
In the graphic's card settings the displays are starting with number 2, than 1, 3, 4. On the display settings of windows I swapped, 2 with 1, but doesn't work.

EDID settings are already emulated.

How to swap the graphic's card settings to show the displays 1,2,3,4?

Is it possible this to be a reason for the problem what I have, or what can be a reason?



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"Network Connection Lost" can be caused by many things. Therefore, much information of your systems and connections are required to help you troubleshoot.


1. Operating System on -

a. Production Computer?

b. Display Computer?


2. Is Display Computer tweaked to Watchout recommendations?


3. How is Production Computer networked to Display Computer -

i) Direct CAT5 cable from pc to pc?

ii) or using a simple ethernet switch?


4. Any extenders from Display PC to monitors/projectors - fibre optics, HDMI-CAT5 extenders, etc?


5. Have you DISABLED any other network adapters in the both the Display PC and Production PC, eg. wireless adapter? "Not connected" is often not good enough. DISABLE is better.


There are more info required, but these will do for starters.


As for the numbering of Display monitors, I just solved a similar problem with my Firepro W4100, so need to know -

i) the graphics card you are using in the Display PC and the driver version.

ii) are you using any adapters - eg. DP-DVI? Are they ALL active, or a mix of passive and active?


Thomas Leong

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