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New WO Display computer specs X299


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We are building a couple of new WO display computers.

Here are the current specs that we are looking at


Intel 7820X

Asus Prime X299 deluxe / or any x299 motherboard


2xSamsung 960Pro M.2

Firepro w9100 16GB

and Blackmagic or Datapath Capture cards with SDI and DVI inputs


Do you recommend using one of those AIO Liquid coolers or simply the stock cooler for Intel will do?





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I doubt the i7-7820X comes with a stock cooler.

If it does not, then you must get a 3rd party cooler. For an AIO it depends on the case and the space it has provided for an AIO - 120mm, 240mm or 360mm. For air cooling, the height and width of the cooler matters as it affects the RAM modules used (low or high profile) and the case height or width relative to the cooler's height.

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