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Live Feed on virtual display


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Hello everyone, im trying to apply a live feed on top of a virtual machine with a video clip running


I can see it on the preview screen working on top of the video but on the actual projection it does not show. could anyone help me sort this out?


I put the livefeed media on  top of the virtual display then the virtual display on top of the 3d content.



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If the live feed is to a capture card like Decklink, Datapath, or Magewell, then that capture card must be installed in the Display PC.

If you only have one capture card and this is installed in the Display PC, then for the Production PC use 'Thumbnail' to position, scale, and control the live feed.

If using a laptop with a webcam as Production PC, you can use the webcam instead of 'Thumbnail' to represent the live feed while the actual live feed goes to the capture card in the Display PC.

If you have two capture cards, one in Production PC, one in Display PC, then you need to duplicate the live feed to each capture card.


Note that in all cases, the Display PC must be set to receive the live feed at the correct input (Ctrl+Shift+Alt remote control from Production PC).


Thomas Leong

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