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Task skips Pause and Stop Control Que


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Hi there Forum!


I seem to experience some odd behavior when running a current show.

It happens randomly, and on different Tasks, but far from often. We´ve been running a couple of hundred Qs a day for a week, and this has happened maybe 5 times. Only 1 time during actual live performance. 

But once is often one too many for the client.


So, if I press play on a Task, it can run straight through both pause Q and stop Q, happens on both the Production computer and on the displays.

Then if I open it up and play it again, it works just fine. Without refreshing/updating or clearing show cache or anything. 

The media runs and plays through like it should, its just the "Pause" and "Stop" that doesnt trigger. 


Could it be that im not pre cueing the tasks? 

Because it happens so random and seldom its nearly impossible to re-create the behavior.


Anyone else had similar issues? 



Watchout v.6.1.6




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Hi Robert,


In the past I've experienced a similar problen, albeit in a much older version.

Do you use the production computer to control the show?  If so, could it be that the preview quality is set to 'best quality'?

That would imply that the Production PC has to render all video material at that moment, but it also functions as sync master.

In my experience a small hiccup in the Production PC playback can cause it to skip small bits of the timeline, potentially a bit with a cue on it.

Hope this helps.



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The most likely culprits for the issue have already been mentioned, but control cues perform the same as media cues when it comes to conditional layers. I suppose that if you were briskly changing conditions via string commands and your control cues were accidentally placed on layers set to a different condition this could happen..  It doesn't sound likely at all, but you did say it was very rare and you didn't say how quickly you went back to replay the task.


I learned this the hard way the other day when I rearranged some cues on a timeline from a previous show and a few of my control cues stopped working. After building the show I had fired a command to change conditions and they were disabled for a short period of time. (luckily on a build day)


From what I've found, the user guide only states this enables or disables media cues so it was a bit of a surprise!

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