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  1. hi Rahul my guess is the interlaced signal, try a progressive camera signal, 720p for example. ps. love the drawing cheers
  2. Thanks alot guys! Would seem like production computer was struggling a bit trying to render everything, and therefore could drop a "frame" in the timeline and then skip a que or two. wireframes ftw cheers
  3. Hi there Forum! I seem to experience some odd behavior when running a current show. It happens randomly, and on different Tasks, but far from often. We´ve been running a couple of hundred Qs a day for a week, and this has happened maybe 5 times. Only 1 time during actual live performance. But once is often one too many for the client. So, if I press play on a Task, it can run straight through both pause Q and stop Q, happens on both the Production computer and on the displays. Then if I open it up and play it again, it works just fine. Without refreshing/updating or clearing show cache or anything. The media runs and plays through like it should, its just the "Pause" and "Stop" that doesnt trigger. Could it be that im not pre cueing the tasks? Because it happens so random and seldom its nearly impossible to re-create the behavior. Anyone else had similar issues? Watchout v.6.1.6 Cheers Robert
  4. The guys/girls over at hippotizer have recently released a product called: Linx dpxsdi it looks pretty promising and we are waiting for a sample so we can try it out at our warehouse with various media servers, watchout included. if anyone else have tried it out, please let me/us know of any pros/cons. Will of course give feedback when tried and tested.
  5. Hola compadres! ive got some issues getting my inputs to behave like i want in Watchout 6. display computers, 2x: motherboard: MK Asus X79-DELUXE CPU: Core i7-4930K s2011 3.4 GHz 10MB Memory: Corsair 16GB (4-KIT) DDR3 VENGEANCE 1,5V LOW Graphics: AMD FirePro W7000 4GB/GDDR5​ + s400 sync card Input: 2x datapath rgb-e2s, 1x decklink sdi Screens being used is 8x NEC 55" unv, with 1080p@50 via displayport from GPU to screens. Signal to inputs are coming from a barco pds 902 3g, outputting 720p@50 via SDI. The issue is that when the input is showing over the two display computers, the input cant fade up nicely. Ive tried having an auxillary open with the input Active with opacity 0, and having 1-10 seconds of 0% opacity and then fading up, but usually one of the displays goes black and then pops up instead of fading. It doesnt happen everytime, but way too often to be comfortable with it with important clients. When using the decklink sdi card, that is synced up with the same genlock as the displays. The datapath cant be locked, but gets a sort of sync from the dvi if I remember correctly. I thought the pds could be the issue, so tried it out with a genlocked Folsom image pro instead, but the same behaviour. ive tried splitting the sdi signal and feed the decklinks with a separate signal, and also tried looping it through the first card. im running out of ideas, but maybe there is something simple ive simply forgotten. Thankful for any input (pun intended), Robert
  6. Hi We are also mostly capturing computer screens and have been using the Datapath VisionRGB-e2s for a while, and they have been working just fine. Of course a bit more expensive but it gets the job done without hiccups. Guess everything is a matter of budget though..
  7. can you ellaborate a bit about not being stable. just in boot sequences or was it unstable when up and running? causing any crashes or something less funny? cheers, Robert
  8. Hi all What are the limitations regarding the "computer screen" feature? resolutions? number of screens? Would it be possible to add 2 screens from 1 computer, if there for instance is 2 detected screens in display properties? maybe it doesnt work that way at all, but its a long shot. The other way is capture card, any news on that scene? Im looking to get 12 inputs into 3 machines, so 4 inputs on each. been looking at the datapath vision card with 2 dvi in. Since we are not latency sensitive at this particular job, maybe there is another card that can do the same job but for a cheaper price tag? grateful for any help, cheers, Robert
  9. Why not feed every S400-card with its own genlock? just curious regards Robert
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