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  1. hi Rahul my guess is the interlaced signal, try a progressive camera signal, 720p for example. ps. love the drawing cheers
  2. Thanks alot guys! Would seem like production computer was struggling a bit trying to render everything, and therefore could drop a "frame" in the timeline and then skip a que or two. wireframes ftw cheers
  3. Hi there Forum! I seem to experience some odd behavior when running a current show. It happens randomly, and on different Tasks, but far from often. We´ve been running a couple of hundred Qs a day for a week, and this has happened maybe 5 times. Only 1 time during actual live performance. But once is often one too many for the client. So, if I press play on a Task, it can run straight through both pause Q and stop Q, happens on both the Production computer and on the displays. Then if I open it up and play it again, it works just fine. Without refreshing/updating or clearing show c
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