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Very urgent help needed, please!!!

Heiko Petersen

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Hello, i have 4 Zotac EN1070K mini computer, all with Windows 10 Creators, everything tweaked, alle drivers, Windows activated, totally the same. On one of them i can install every Watchout version (6.16, 6.2b), running fine. On the others, no codecs will we installed with the Watchout installer. Every video i put in, is detected as a sound file. What is going wrong? I am working on that %^&* now sind 2 nights and it is so annoying. Is it possible, to install/register all the Watchout codec manually? Or do i have to modify the registry?

Pleaser, i need the computers today!!!



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Only time I had this problem was with .wmv files, not other file types.

This may seem unrelated and counter-intuitive, but it worked for me and my wmv files were eventually read as video files, not sound files.


Control Panel > Realtek HD Audio Manager (or whatever audio chip comes with your motherboard) > i (for 'Information') located in the corner of the panel > and tick 'Disable Front panel Jack Detection'.


Thomas Leong

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Hello guys, thanks for reply, but the bug is another. What we could see is, that Watchout is installing properly, no error-message, but all video-files are recognized as sound files. When i install other software, that brings video codecs, Watchout starts to use this codecs. So, Dataton support told me how to install the codecs for Watchout manually (like the installer does) and suddenly, everything is fine. However, it never happened to me with my other, different computers, it is just a thing between this Zotak EN1070K and Windows (doesn´t matter if 8.1 or 10, clean install or totally tweaked). Weird, but installing the codecs manually is the workaround for this problem. Thanks Dataton support, and have a nice day.

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