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6.1.6/Windows 10 Scroll Issues


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Hey -


Not really an issue - more a buggy annoyance.


I'm programming on my laptop running the latest release of windows 10. It's not intended to be a show machine.


I'm in 6.1.6 and when I use my scroll wheel(on my mouse) in an aux timeline, it will move the main timelines and/or the labels independently in both the timeline and tween tracks.


IE, if I hover over the tweens, and move my scroll wheel, the tweens will move up and down without the labels on the left moving. This is fixed by me grabbing the vertical scroll bar on the right and moving it.


Anyone experience this?

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Guest DavidA


This is well known "feature" of Windows 10. This will BTW be resolved from WATCHOUT side in the upcoming 6.2 version but now:


"To avoid this problem, go to Start-button, Settings, Devices, Mouse & touchpad and turn off “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them”. The scroll wheel should now work as before in Watchout."


From this thread: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/1773-windows-10-watchout-6/

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