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Watchnet - corrupted spec file


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I restarted machine with watchnet 1.3 and the watchnet showed me tab with "Please specify system administrators password (login name is admin)" message, after I did that the watchnet settings were completly empty (scripts, panels etc.).


So I looked to WATCHNET_Data folder a there were these files:







Do you have any experience with such behaviour? Or what do you think could be the problem? 

Thank you for answer, Jakub




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Hi Jakub,


When WATCHNET prompts you for a user admin password and a "Spec_bad_####" file is created it means that WATCHNET was unable to load the previous Spec file correctly and could not recover the data within.

This usually happens if you've downgraded WATCHNET (e.g. moving from 1.4 to 1.3) since Spec files are generally not backwards compatible.

If this is the case you can restore the previous version of WATCHNET and remove the current "Spec" and "Cache" files and rename the "Spec_bad_###" file to "Spec" and then start WATCHNET.




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