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Implementing of interactive stuff


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as a longtime user of Watchout I'd like to ask someone of the moderators here in the forum


Is there any plan of Dataton to implement interactive elements in any way directly or indirectly (like WATCHNET) into Watchout? 2018 is really the year where I would really start losing ground if I would not put energy into some basic stuff in an easy way like


1) Tracking with optitracks (or similar) for multi(!) purposes

2) interfacing with multitouch on large touch tables (or also with laser touch e.g.)

3) not really interactive and rather some feature request I admit but playing in the same direction. 3D stuff could get some revision. Doing just a little bit more in Watchout would be great. Some particles, some line and grid effects to WOW the "company logo" we put on some OBJ. sometimes the UV unwrapping can be very time consuming that I just leave the mapping out. 


I am using all kind of stuff now based on Midi and Artnet to trigger something but real interaction is not possible.


I know I have generic Inputs but I'd rather like to connect some optitrack cameras directly IN Watchout and get the parameters I need - and I won't start coding. For special requests that's OK but not for the day to day events. I am just an "educated" user I would say.

Pandora does it. Wings too. And I'd like to use watchout in the future too. I think it has the best interface of all the competitors.


For now my workaround is to use other programms and getting a live input into Watchout. I am really open to anything but I want one solution.



thank you Martin! great work you are doing.


Waited some time for any other reply (or PM) but it's what I expected.


I started playing around with TouchDesigner in 2012 (did some OSC Midi stuff with my iPhone 3GS and Watchout...) so I at least know some basics of the functionality of the programm.


I am looking more into the direction of softwares like Millumin. Does Multi Display Out with Edge Blend and has a lot of capabilities in the pipeline (bridging to After Effects and Cinema 4D. There is even a convinient way to implement blob trackers (beta, but still), kinect, leap motion or even the arduino directly. One thing missing there is linking machines in a network array but this is coming too...

Even Coolux or Wings are an option altough I never wanted to switch but yeah... 


thanks again Martin

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You can design interactive applications by using the Auxilliary Timelines, the Input Protocols, the Outputs, you can link Tween Tracks to external control inputs and you can make use of the Interaction Name Field in the media cues.

For everything else I prefere using TouchDesigner (e.g. for optitrack, blacktrax, openptrack) and also for generative media elements like particles.
Via TCP/IP and/or Capture cards (e.g. epiphan video devices) I link this finally to WATCHOUT for the play out.



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