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WATCHMAX: Multi-channel audio output using internal soundcard in WATCHOUT 6.2


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We made some substantial changes in WATCHOUT 6.2 in how audio is rendered. We have limited the audio output selection to a single device. This might cause problems for users that are using the internal audio device on a WATCHMAX because you can only use two channels using the WASAPI interface.


The solution to be able to output all 8 channels is to install ASIO4All and use the ASIO interface in WATCHOUT instead. It should look like in the image below:




The lower latency in ASIO might result in buffer underruns if you push the CPU too hard, simply because the small size of the buffer. It might therefore be a good idea to increase the buffer size a bit proving a better margin. Buffer underruns are heard like tiny clicks.





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Do I have to use asio4all even on a custom display machine to output 8 different audio channels from onboard minijack connectors?


Realtek audio driver.


Only 2 channels working.


In this case does asio4all have to be installed on the display machine only? What about the correct confoguration of this software? Where to find watchout asio interface in the display pc?



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Hi, audio is treated separately on each WATCHOUT device. You can use ASIO4All in your case too and you only need to install in on the computer where you want to output your audio.


On the display server, you can select the ASIO4ALL device in the menu Audio Out->Audio Device after you entered window mode, either locally by pressing Ctrl+W or using the remote access functionality from the production interface.


There shouldn't really be much to configure but if you want to be on the safe side I would recommend to increase the buffer size. Audio is pretty complex and for any optimizations/tweaking i would recommend you to read this one: https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209071469-Optimizing-Windows-for-Audio

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Just tried.

Without asio4all i can only output 2 audio channels.

With asio4all 6 audio output.


Not possible to set up 8 audio output even if my motherboard (asrock x99 extreme 4) has 4 stereo audio output jack (7.1) and with realtek drivers on windows i can hear everyone of the 8 channels.

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Luca, it might be possible to configure the playback device in windows to a 7.1 output device. In this case you can use it as a multi-channel WASAPI device in WATCHOUT.


Using ASIO4ALL you can probably setup an 8 channel output in the ASIO4ALL control panel. Additionally some motherboard manufacturers are supplying ASIO drivers for their onboard audio chips. For example my dell laptop audio drivers comes with native ASIO support (Realtek). Did you install the drivers from Asrock or are you using generic ones?

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with wasapi i was able to output 2 channels only.

with asio4all 6 channels.

asio4all control panel see a 6 channels only audio device and realtek control panel, when asio4all is installed, refuses to set the system in 7.1 while with asio4all uninstalled 7.1 works well with windows.


i have installed realtek drivers from asrock website, i'll check if an asio driver from realtek is available

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