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Wireless network to control ENTTEC ODE with Watchout


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Dear All,


I'm using watchout and ENTTEC ODE (Open DMX Ethernet) to control the lighting, I have some odd situation when I use wireless network. I cannot wire an ethernet cable directly from computer to DMX device location, and therefore I have to use wireless network. I use one wireless access point (AP) which connects to ENTTEC ODE, then I use another wireless router (router) which connects to my computer side, I can set the router in 2 different modes: wireless client; and wireless repeater. Strange things is:


When I use the computer to control the ODE through wireless, no matter which modes the router is, I can control the lighting with ENTTEC's node management (ODE's own software), but I cannot control with Watchout. When I directly connect an ethernet cable from computer to the AP (now computer and ODE on same AP), then I can control with Watchout as well. Therefore I concluded that ENTTEC and the wireless network has no problem, and my Watchout setting is fine, but it seems to me that when it goes wireless, Watchout cannot pass through those Artnet ethernet signal.


Anyone knows why?


Thanks and Regards,



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