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WATCHOUT 6.2.1 now available for download

Jacquie McHale

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  • 2 months later...

hi for info we seem to have found a bug on 6.2.1..  I have forwarded the show to Jan from AV Trade, (Watchout distributor) and he is having the same problem on his system.

From the main time lime we are calling an aux timeline to play a .wav file and then main timeline pauses..   In that aux time line there is a pause after a few seconds, following the pause the wav continues and then the audio fades out. So on the main timeline after the pause we then decide to continue which triggers the wav file to play the 2nd part and fade out.

We are getting no sound from the wav file on the beginning of the file when calling from the main timeline.  Even though the aux timeline is playing the cue.  After the pause it then cuts in and the sound plays.

Jan thought he had found a work around by clicking the Jump To box and typing 0.1 , however it initially works and then when you test a few times later the same problem happens again, no sound.

I noticed the show also became unstable after this and eventually crashed watchout.  I also used a different .wav file in this aux timeline and still had the same problem... 16bit 44,1khz

Just to let people know.. I understand watchout will be looking at the show and getting back to us.







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Guest DavidA

Hi, Matt! 

You are right, we are investigating this now!

Best regards, 


David Aleksandersen
Commercial Support Manager
Dataton AB

+46 70 552 32 30

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