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Watchout 4.51 exiting after a few seconds


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Setting up some new Dell XPS 5300, 3.4 GHz Core i7-2600 4 core, 8 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 6770 (1GB VRAM) Watchout Display computers.

Followed suggestted tweaking, installed WATCHOUT 4.51 on the second drive, put a shortcut to WATCHPOINT in the startup folder. Watchout v4 key in USB Port.

When the machine boots, Watchout launches after 38 seconds, the Watchout 4.5.1 logo appears for 3.6 seconds and then the computer returns to the desktop. Watchout is no longer running.

If I then run Watchout it is stays up and running.

I really need these machines to startup in Watchout, they just will not be easily physically accessible.


Has anyone experienced this before? Anybody have any ideas about what step I am missing here?


Your help is appreciated


Shine On!

Michael Maag

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

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Totally quitting looks new to me, but I have experienced some minimizing watchout windows due to startup applications. Solved it by removing ati catalyst from startup and cleaning up others unuseful software from start up on boot as well.


You can find detailed post arouns here.



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Thanks for the tip. Watchout is the program in the startup folder. I have followed the Watchout Display computer Tweaking list completely. Maybe I turned something off I need to turn back on. Catalyst is available in my display control panel, but the CCC does not startup when the machine boots.

Shine On!

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